Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Crazy Life

Well, once again I have failed on updating this regularly. I always have the best intentions but I never follow through. A little update about us. Nate is finished with school for the semester and enjoying having the summer off. He is still working at the hospital a few days a week and the rest of the time he is a stay at home dad with Nash. He plays the piano in primary and at first was not too excited about his calling but now he loves it. He bought a new handgun for his birthday and is loving going out shooting. That makes 3 handguns and 1 rifle at our house! Watch out!!! I am still working at Ogden Regional full time and for the most part I love my job. I just wish that I was able to home more with the little one. I am trying to start the BSN program at Weber State. Just waiting to get into the program. Now onto Nash. I could write pages about him! He is almost 3 and starting to act like it. He is very independent and wanting to do everything by himself. He LOVES dinosaurs and will tell you that his favorite is the T-Rex. He know about 20-30 different dinosaurs by name and is happy to educate anyone on them. He is 100% potty trained which has been so nice. NO MORE DIAPERS!!! We love it. He loves to read books and has started to memorize some of his favorites so at night when I am reading him a story I can't skip any pages because he know what is supposed to come next. Well, I hope that this has given you a little in site into our busy life. I once again will promise to update more often but knowing me, who know when the next time will be!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It'S BeEn a WhiLe

WOW!!! I didn't realize it had been this long since I had been on here and posted something. I am really bad about this blogging thing but I want to get better because I have SO much fun getting on here and seeing what everyone else is up to. The only thing new to report is how big Nash is getting. He is now 2 and sure acting like it. He has the funniest little attitude. Nate and I are getting a kick out of it. He also has started to memorize the books that we read to him and he will read them to himself word for word. It is SO funny! He loves anything that has to do with outdoors. He can play outside for HOURS! But that is pretty much our update. I will try and be MUCH better about writing on here!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everything is still going great with the Ogden family. We are loving having our own house and being on our own. Nash is getting SO big! He is almost 5 months now!! We can't believe it.. He is SO much fun. He laughs tons and is getting close to rolling over. Nate is getting ready to start school and is VERY excited! I am 5 weeks away from finishing school :) Here is a cute picture of our darling little boy! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We HaVe MoVeD!!!

Nate and I moved out of the parentals house and are living on our own. We love it!!! It is so nice to have a place to ourself. We are living in a townhouse in South Ogden. It's great still being so close to everything. I am finishing up my last class now and will be done with school the first week of December. Can't wait!!! Nash is now 4 months old. He just had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is looking great! He weights 13 lbs 8 oz. Big boy! He is SO close to rolling over but hasn't yet! He loves his feet and grabs onto them whenever he can. He has also started laughing. Like a full on little person laugh :) It's so cute! Nate and I do everything we can to try and get him to laugh now because it's so funny!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time has been flying lately. Nash is already 3 months old and is doing great. He has started to find his hands and is beginning to realize that he is the one making them move. It is really fun to watch him try and grab things. He is making so many different noises and it makes Nate and I so excited to hear what his little voice is going to sound like. Nate and I staying super busy. Nate is working full time and the days he is not working he is watching Nash so I can work. I am going to be done and have my RN in December. I can't wait!!! School is getting very hard and I am starting to feel a little burnt out but I have to keep thinking that it's only 3 months away!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 MoNtHs

We have made it 2 months with our new little boy! I can't believe it! It has gone so fast and Nate and I are loving every minute of it. Nash has started smiling, laughing, and cooing tons. It is so fun just to sit around and listen to him try to talk. He has such a fun personality. We went to Island Park last week.. His first vacation :) We had tons of fun getting away and hanging out with the family. I am sure Nash had no idea what was going on but he was in a good mood the whole time!